The Noor of Afghanistan

The Noor of Afghanistan

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hayatii.writes♡ By hayatii_writes Updated Feb 07, 2018

I sat by the window, staring down at the tree I remember spending my childhood in Afghanistan on. 'They say that if you wish for something with a pure heart, you'll eventually get something far more better in return' , I remember him saying. 

What was this? Love? Hate? It was something in between, which had only occurred due to the sake of Naveen and Nargis. Something I could not take back, even if I wanted to because of the label I'd be given from society. I'd be frowned upon, discouraged, and mostly I'd be the worst sister out there letting her younger siblings future slip out of her fingers, like cool sand.

The door creaks open, and without looking back I know it's him. 

"Eh janana, what's with the sudden blues?", he asks.

My eyes suddenly become glassy, with tears blurring the view of the tree, as I remain silent.

"Hey Noor?", he asks again.

Silence, nothing but silence.

"Noora, what going on?", he asks, shifting my face his way with a soft grip on my chin.

And that's when I let the tears free as a sob makes its way out and the next minute I know, I'm in the arms of my enemy being consoled.


Orphaned Noora returns to Afghanistan six year later, for the sake of her siblings' future. Not only is she terrified of going back to the war zoned country, she is even more terrified of knowing her life will be coming to an end once she completes the 'deal' with her late- father's best friend, marrying Samandar Khan. 




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