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Remember Me? (Percy Jackson-- Leo Valdez Fanfic)

Remember Me? (Percy Jackson-- Leo Valdez Fanfic)

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]|I{•------» υηιqυεℓү ησямαℓ «------•}I|[ By Jaguartiger191 Updated Mar 14, 2015

Kristen Black lost her best friend right after their 14th birthday; after she walked into the woods and disappeared; after a boy she grew close to came and left. No one knows if Diana is alive or dead, not a trace of her was left. 
Three years later on her 17th birthday, strange things start to happen. On a camping trip celebrated with her friend Alfire and her parents, went horrible wrong when an overnight lake nap away from camp resulted in her parents disappearance... gone...kidnapped. 
When on a search for her family Kristen encountered a beast that had chased her and Alfire into a hole of darkness, and into a strange camp; where Kristen runs into the one person she never thought she would ever see again.

HOW DARE YOUR NOT READ MY FAVORITE BOOKS EVER!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry I will keep reading but how dare you not read this ducking series
WowieKapowie WowieKapowie Jul 10, 2016
Omg. I finally found this again. I read most of it already (different account) about a year or so ago and I squealed out loud when I saw it under the leovaldez tag.
domcats domcats Oct 17, 2015
i saw the cover : that's Leo with a girl shes pretty ooh i like Leo ships   then i read the description *died of anticipation*
Kiki_Fandom_Candy Kiki_Fandom_Candy Mar 24, 2015
Lol my name is Kristen (spelled the same) THIS WAS MADE FOR MEEEE jk lol 
- - Mar 19, 2015
You know, over the summer, before I started writing, I was looking for fan fiction, mainly Percy Jackson-based ones, and I found this. I didn't even know about Wattpad yet.  I don't know why, but I really like this one. (Except for, of course the fact that you forgot about your brother.)
MizLoverOfBooks MizLoverOfBooks Jan 01, 2015
i love this story! i think I'm more addicted to it than heroes of olympus!