My Possessive Mafia

My Possessive Mafia

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Cathy Nguyen By CathyNguyen377 Updated Oct 31

Leonardo De Luca is 26 years old had been in the Italian Mafia for 8 years since his father had died on a mission when he was just 16 years old so he decided to take over his fathers Mafia and run it but he had to give up on things he enjoyed and build up walls around him so that he wouldn't be weak when standing up to other enemies.

One day he bumps into  Flora Valentini a young and innocent 19 year old who is an orphan after an accident which cost her parents life. Flora works in a cafe down the road from her apartment but when she meets Leonardo she begins to fall in love...

Will Flora accept Leonardo for who he is? Will she break the walls that he had built?

Read more to find out...

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I pity your soul... I could never smile and be polite in the morning... Mabe at like 10 pm at night. Depends on the person
I didn't know this person could predict the future!! WAIT!!
                              YOUR NOT HARRY
Forced grin is my face 48.9% of the time the other 52.1% is bītch face... I see I've been diagnosed with Bítch face syndrome ever since wattpad came into my life and I realized how much I dislike ppl
Irena025 Irena025 Nov 02
I wouldn't do that! 😨 Isn't that a little bit scary to let a man who you don't know enter your home?! 😞
Trust me I will be reading on 
                              *smiles creepily* 
                              Sorry my evil side kinda took over
Irena025 Irena025 Nov 02
I'm just trying to understand your frame of mind at the moment Leonardo!!  How can you review her body in this situation! 😤😲😲