Taint Me with Blood (Alec Volturi)

Taint Me with Blood (Alec Volturi)

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TheShadowRocker By TheShadowRocker Updated Jul 27, 2014

How did the Volturi, especially Aro, expect me to get along with Alec? It was obvious that we hated each other ever since he landed eyes on me and mine on him.

Even so, I was just stating that the highest ranked Volturi guard wouldn't be enough to bother a heartless me. 

I was now considered as one of the most powerful vampires that has ever existed. Considering that I could kill Alec in an instant, he wasn't someone special to scare me off...or not.

I love the bond going on between Caius and her. It's so good. I love her spunky attitude and I am in love.
I love this girl, she reminds me so much of myself. You get A HELL YEAH for her personality.
volturitwilight volturitwilight Dec 01, 2014
I'm happy that there's a setback in the protagonist's powers. It seems most fanfics have it so the main character has practically no problems at all!
- - Jun 10, 2013
awwww thanx for the dedication the chap is awesome! i really liked it!! sorrry i so didn't see it cuz i'm not on wattpad mostly..but thanx love <3