The Catalyst

The Catalyst

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Harmony Anchor By Mysterious_Siren Completed

Story being Re-written. Cover by @Ethereal29

One world, decimated by war. An entire species, gone. Yet, the ones who lived in the dark, could finally emerge. These were the Werewolves. 

Three men formed a council. And so, since then, it has continued. As it grew, however, the fallen world broke further. Over the years, the council grew. It now has ten members, consisting of an alpha from each pack. Now, it is time for a birth of the new council. The Alpha's sons are ready, but one final step must be taken to complete the process. 

10 girls, from each pack, ranging from age 15 to 18. One battle. 100 girls. 

10 survivors. 

From there, 10 new alpha mates. 

Aylenna Rynn lives in the Nightingale pack. Soon, she will face the Choosing. She will either remain where she is, or leave to be slaughtered. As Aylenna is chosen, she will face the biggest battle she's ever faced. If she can survive, dangerous secrets will unravel. Who is her Father? Is her brother really dead? 

Most importantly, who are the Whisper wolves?

12Rayne 12Rayne Apr 05, 2016
Long ago, the four Nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked....
                              If you don't know the rest I pity you lol jk but no serious your missing out -_-
Rawiya13 Rawiya13 Jul 18, 2016
Okay so for this sentence, alphas and betas don't need apostrophes and it should be top wolves instead of top wolf
EllenFairyBlue4 EllenFairyBlue4 Nov 17, 2015
Hmm this sentence seems out of place to me. I could be wrong though. You may want to clear this up a bit. Like saying: We never won, clearly the males were stronger in body mass and muscle.
EllenFairyBlue4 EllenFairyBlue4 Nov 17, 2015
Suggestion: use said not answered. (an question hasn't been asked yet for her to answer)
lsrofe lsrofe Nov 11, 2015
Good start. I think you do a good job setting up the themes. I'm curious if the passiveness of your main change as she is forced into this fight. Curious where this goes.