Neighbors [boyxboy] [ON HOLD!!!]

Neighbors [boyxboy] [ON HOLD!!!]

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Gay Superman By spectrix Updated May 13

Zak Stanley is a somewhat timid and introverted secretary who has never been in a real relationship before but wants to find love so badly.
What happens when a new neighbor moves in next door?

Oliver Coleman is a college senior who moves into a new neighborhood with his sister and cousin. His boyfriend of 3 years just ended their relationship because he had to move away and couldn't deal with a long distance relationship and now Oliver is still hurting from the breakup.
What happens when he finds out his new neighbor is attracted to him and he too is falling for him but doesn't want to let go of his exboyfriend?

All chapters edited by @dacasabella, my beautiful wattpad fairy godmother.

Cover by the amazing @TheRegularNonsense.

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