The World of Forgotten Disney

The World of Forgotten Disney

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The sequel to Forgotten Disney:

A tribute to all deleted and forgotten Disney/Pixar characters and Abandoned Walt Disney World and Disneyland  park attractions and Lost Disney films.

So get inspired and turn the page...

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Justice_The_Soul Justice_The_Soul Jul 27, 2016
                              @retiredmickeymouse !!!!!!
voidargent-- voidargent-- Feb 19, 2016
Minerva is actually the roman goddess of wisdom, arts and crafts, battle strategies and I think war
nubes_son_agua nubes_son_agua Jun 17, 2016
I used to have VHS and all i ever watched on there were Disney movies
                              STRICTLY DISNEY MOVIES
Kaylaisameerkat Kaylaisameerkat May 22, 2016
Another fact: Oswald was stolen from Walt Disney and was taken back I think a couple years ago?
kjwmusic kjwmusic May 23, 2016
I'm fairly young but my parents made sure to let me experience all the wonders of Disney. I had a box tv though they were becoming out of style.. All I ever knew was VHS, CDs were a rare treat for me. Anyway I still have almost every Disney movie imaginable in my VHS collection! I still watch them!
skywritergirl skywritergirl Jun 26, 2016
"Because of Disney We don't lose sight of one thing, that it was all started by a mouse." I LOVE Mickey Mouse :)