Halal All The Way

Halal All The Way

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pearls of islam By pearlsofislam98 Updated Sep 24, 2016

Shayma is a 17 years old. she has two brothers (Khalid being the older brother and Walid the younger.) and one sister older than her( Asiya). they're very religious family who live in dubai. 

shayma is in her last year of high school and her father is planning to get her married although her older sister is not even married.  he's planning to get her married to his best friend son.  Infact this was planned when shayma was only 2years old.her father is a well known business man .

WARNING! A lot of grammar errors but in shaa allah I'm fixing it!

Fizzy16 Fizzy16 Sep 05, 2016
I would like it if the background story is clear.  I didn't quite understand the plot .  Seems like a nice story to read
HawaFuseini HawaFuseini Jun 09, 2016
It will be nice if you put where Shama is from on the first page in sha Allah.
toshikikai2 toshikikai2 Sep 14, 2016
Is this book for Muslims??? Its really interesting story you got there.
HawaFuseini HawaFuseini Jun 09, 2016
Wow...Masha Allah. I would suggest telling a story of how the boys are a bad influence on him
naxaal naxaal Nov 10, 2015
I would suggest a little editing & more details, so we can understand the story background more, but I do like where it's going :)