[The Walking Dead] =You Have Changed= Carl Grimes x Reader

[The Walking Dead] =You Have Changed= Carl Grimes x Reader

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Moca Fran By Mocacchi Completed

This is a story about a girl A.K.A you, who got separated from your group after being overrun at the Prison

You came to Alexandria after months and found Carl who have now changed on your perspective

Update: check out my [The Walking Dead] Carl Grimes x Reader =Tears= ;)

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MilkyChocolateWaves MilkyChocolateWaves Nov 06, 2017
Wtf are these 'bangs' lol, I use the term 'fringe'. Besides, I don't have any 😂
-thejet -thejet Jul 03, 2017
I get bangs tbh, like if they're really long then I'm fine, but I look like a walrus with short bangs😂
Toxicflyingbunnies Toxicflyingbunnies Jul 25, 2017
D-Did he just call me sunshine...
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DeanWinchester19677 DeanWinchester19677 Apr 13, 2017
Tbh bangs are way better because if u feel sad u can look emo
Cora-is-a-unicorn Cora-is-a-unicorn Jan 08, 2017
No i look bad with bangs ill just give myself fringe in the story
KawaiiKat217 KawaiiKat217 Nov 03, 2016
Without bangs my hair must always be side parted or else my forehead looks HUGE!