Abhaya - Narakasura Vadha Retold (Available on Kindle)

Abhaya - Narakasura Vadha Retold (Available on Kindle)

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Saiswaroopa Iyer By SaiswaroopaIyer Updated Nov 09, 2015

Dharmasena cradled the newborn, his heart leaping every time he saw her move in his arms. The infant settled into his warmth and her cries faded into drowsiness.  Her half closed eyes rested on her father. 

"Father's pet!" Katyayana exclaimed, touched at the mist in Dharmasena's eyes. "She is going to take after you, Dharma!" Dharmasena was too taken by the infant to notice the personal address. The priest smiled and continued, "She will excel at anything she sets her heart upon! But the planets choose to show me more about her heart. Fearless to the core, she will become the shelter, the refuge to many. She will travel across the breadth of Bharatavarsha. Her company will comprise of the royalty, nobility and the commons. In other words, she will take after you, Annadata."

Fearless, shelter, refuge. The words fell upon Dharmasena's ears the very moment he saw the tiny lips curve into a smile. 

"Abhaya,"he said. "Abhaya, the daughter of Dharmasena" 
"Abhaya Dhaarmaseni!"

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