Devil's Bride manan ff

Devil's Bride manan ff

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Bhai bhai listen why  you did this wid her i just couldnt understand why are you behaving like this she is pregnant wid your child "mukti said to manik 
Manik closed his eyes in frsutration he calmed himself down 

"Mukti go away i dont want to talk about it was mistake from my side i seriously don't want her in my life anymore or plz do in my life anymore or plz dont ask me why i dont want her"manik roared at her mukti's heart sank in shoes she was hurt by his words it was clearly visible in her eyes and her choked voice 

"Bhai she is pregnant wid your child it doesnt matter for you really bhai"she said tears brimmed in her eyes manik was feeling so helpless on his own condition 

"No it doesnt or about the child its mine child only mine i told her everything or you know our merriage was a mistake it was an accident the worst nightmare of my life let it be mukti she did this all for money "manik said anger was rising in his voice he was pity on himself and on his life

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kavya987 kavya987 Jan 15, 2016
Amazing but end it on a happy note or should i say high note
chawla_aashna chawla_aashna Dec 23, 2015
Oh starting of the dark zone well dark zone is about to end you will find all this things in thread 3
slyxthreign slyxthreign Dec 23, 2015
Ok! So now I remember till where I read it! It was when Manik came back from his trip and started avoiding Nandini or something of this sort.but Thanks for updating!