The day I met Kyungsoo [COMPLETED]

The day I met Kyungsoo [COMPLETED]

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Spicy Buffalo By SassySatanOfSoo Completed

"You must be wondering why I wanted to talk to you." I slowly nodded in response. She turned around and started pacing around the small bathroom.

"Let me just make something clear. Seungli means victory. Seungli is my name, so I always win. So in the end Kyungsoo will be mine. I will do everything to make him mine, even if it means killing you."

"So you'd better get away from him, fast."

Minsoo is a very lucky girl, at least she thought she was.

The day she finally met her bias, although was embarrassing, was the best day of her life. Ever since that day, they became friends, or perhaps even more.

But is the jealousy of one obsessive fangirl enough to make their blossoming relationship come to a crashing halt?


Started: 10/11/15

Completed: 09/06/16


xiuminseokjin xiuminseokjin May 17, 2016
Minsoo is one lucky girl! Your writing style is nice and amusing. I smiled and laughed a lot throughout the chapter ;) Minsoo's reaction was priceless XD I don't blame her though, I would probably do the same if I was in her shoes.
taiyin1998 taiyin1998 Mar 09, 2016
WOAH! This is good! I'm gonna keep reading yeah! This is really awesome, I really get the characters in this chapter, being like that in exam XD
Sweet_duella Sweet_duella Apr 30, 2016
I love this first chapter! I laughed so hard when Kyungsoo reassured her that he wasn't going to kill her lol
yoonminislifeu yoonminislifeu Sep 21, 2016
I personally think xiumin and kyungsoo would be so cute together omg they are lil squishies
MinionBlehBleh MinionBlehBleh Feb 06, 2016
I'm totally picturing her in police uniform, with a gun, threatening the students
BrittneyReimers BrittneyReimers Sep 21, 2016
wow such a lucky girl well I gotta tell the phone brings coincidence ...