The day I met Kyungsoo [COMPLETED]

The day I met Kyungsoo [COMPLETED]

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Spicy Buffalo By SassySatanOfSoo Completed

"You must be wondering why I wanted to talk to you." I slowly nodded in response. She turned around and started pacing around the small bathroom.

"Let me just make something clear. Seungli means victory. Seungli is my name, so I always win. So in the end Kyungsoo will be mine. I will do everything to make him mine, even if it means killing you."

"So you'd better get away from him, fast."

Minsoo is a very lucky girl, at least she thought she was.

The day she finally met her bias, although was embarrassing, was the best day of her life. Ever since that day, they became friends, or perhaps even more.

But is the jealousy of one obsessive fangirl enough to make their blossoming relationship come to a crashing halt?


Started: 10/11/15

Completed: 09/06/16


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-xGone -xGone Aug 08, 2017
I dont ship myself with Baekhyun but my friends made a ship and started calling it BaekRocky....
-xGone -xGone Aug 08, 2017
...I tried it because everyone would talk about it and I'm just like "wtf does it taste that good?" And then I got obsessed with it
I never thought of Kyungsoo being cocky but hey I kinda suits him 😂😂
-xGone -xGone Aug 08, 2017
Imagine an ARMY and an EXO-L being friends.....
                              That's me and my best friend lmao.