Ron Anderson Has a Secret (Carl x Ron)

Ron Anderson Has a Secret (Carl x Ron)

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Rue Kagamine By RueKagamine007 Completed

Starting during episode 5 of season 6 of The Walking Dead, the tension between Carl Grimes and Ron Anderson grows even further when Carl asks Ron to help him find Enid. Ron gets angry. Enid is his girlfriend! Shouldn't he be the one wanting to go save her? Maybe even be the one who asks Carl to help him? 

No. That wouldn't reflect the truth Ron has been trying so desperately to keep hidden. How can he hide it from him any longer, he wonders? 

In frustration, he pushes Carl, the action leading to a strangely intimate relationship with the one who's only been trying to help him since he met him, though through condescending lenses. 

He pushes Carl and Carl pushes him to the ground.

Based on Episode 5, Season 6 of The Walking Dead and the following episodes.

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RueKagamine007 RueKagamine007 Feb 21, 2016
I'm really passionate about what I write. Takes too much time to not, you know? I am glad it's showing through.
Primary-heart17 Primary-heart17 Sep 17, 2016
This reminds me of when in Supernatural when Dean wakes up and Castiel is sitting at the end of his bed.
Gatlen Gatlen Apr 21, 2016
.....not sure if that's a metaphor for "I want to sit on your face"....
PotterFanRosalinda PotterFanRosalinda Nov 13, 2016
I loved this bit, especially when Carl made a sign for his shor xD
SepticRaven SepticRaven Jun 04, 2016
I am yelling at my phone " don't you dare refuse him Carl, yes lo e him kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiss" i. Look. Like. An. Idiot
Gatlen Gatlen Apr 21, 2016
Boy don't do it. A disaster like this needs professionals.   D: