Love From Two Different Worlds (a spyro X reader fanfic)

Love From Two Different Worlds (a spyro X reader fanfic)

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AWSOMEwh69A By AWSOMEwh69A Updated a day ago

A young woman, a fan of the Spyro Trilogy; The Legend Of Spyro, to be exact, gets sucked into the last game, Dawn of the Dragons.

What will she do now that she's lost her memories of her human life and has no idea of where she is? How will she get back to her normal state and get home?

She partners up with the famous Spyro and Cynder and occupies them on their journey, of course.

But on her journey, she unintentionally catches the eye of The Dark Master...

What will she do? 

But more importantly... What will you do?

Come and find out.

  • dragon
  • romance
  • spyro
  • xreader
ninjapoot ninjapoot Mar 06
AAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDD the TloS part of the Spyro community just t-bagged the rotten corpse that is my childhood.
MimikyutieBoo MimikyutieBoo Nov 06, 2017
Remember Saphira as a hatchling from the Eragon movie? That's what I'm picturing XD
thewildcatsclub thewildcatsclub Apr 23, 2017
But whoever reads this is most likely not married if your married its Mrs. and is your not its ms.
MimikyutieBoo MimikyutieBoo Nov 06, 2017
Ayyyyyy I know this intro! I've played Dawn of the Dragons waaaayyy too many times XD
                              Please tell me I got that right.... I've playes New Beginning and Dawn of the Dragons...... Please?
NalaTheStoryCrafter NalaTheStoryCrafter Mar 05, 2016
Pretty good! Also, I really like that you put the (/) so we can put what we want us to look like! ^^