Apartment #701 {completed; editing}

Apartment #701 {completed; editing}

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Nova Howard has been planning her escape for months. 

Caged in a suffocating household with a controlling mother and an ill-equipped father, she has never known real freedom. Fed up with eighteen years of piano lessons, ballet recitals and chess championships,  she decides to send an application to Washington State University's Arts Department without telling her mother. She's got it all planned out: go to Washington, live with her big sister, study, graduate, move to London, never see her parents ever again. Perfect. 

That is, until her sister tells her she can't live with her. 

Nova then finds herself with no other choice but to move in with six other college students in a loft three blocks away from campus. In Apartment #701, she meets Daphne; the self-proclaimed slut, Parker; the doting boyfriend, Luigi; the shameless narcissist; Rory; the wallflower of a poet, Quinn; the reckless adrenaline junkie, and Izumi; the eccentric writer. All she wanted was to escape her own family. She didn't think she would end up finding one in these people instead. 

This is a story of being lost and being loved, of staying young and growing old, of breaking hearts and mending wounds, of friendship and family, of being okay and not being okay.

This is how Nova Howard became whole again.


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