My Quiet Mate

My Quiet Mate

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Shelbeast1 By Shelbeast1 Completed

Boy x Boy
This book is complete and I am working to edit right now!!

Quinn is an abused sixteen year old boy. His attacker is right in his home and he is quickly losing hope. His only hope is the forest, or to be more precise, what he will find in it. 

Devon is the alpha of a werewolf pack, and that is not a small feat. There is only eight werewolf packs left in the world and the biggest one consists of twelve wolfs. He is searching for his mate, and has been for more years then he cares to remember, will he find his mate in this unconvincing forest?

Old threats come back to haunt both Devon and Quinn. Will they be able to find the love they were destined for, or will lies and regrets keep them apart as they fight for love?

Lots of fluff

-Don't like don't read! Enjoy!!-

Crazy-4Bubblez Crazy-4Bubblez 3 days ago
I can imagine that a limp is harder to cover up than scratches are
Crazy-4Bubblez Crazy-4Bubblez 3 days ago
I don't wear jackets anytime of year unless I am absolutely forced to, otherwise when it's cold, I'll just wear a sweatshirt
Crazy-4Bubblez Crazy-4Bubblez 3 days ago
I guess we shall find out if the rumors are true or not 😏
Crazy-4Bubblez Crazy-4Bubblez 3 days ago
Umm uMM UMM THE WOLF NODDED?!?! Okay sorry if I'm over reacting, but I don't think that's normal
ArtisticGirl13 ArtisticGirl13 4 days ago
Oh yeah sure! Wolf's following you and providing body heat is a normal thing you see on a daily basis! Yup! Not weird at all! (Not being rude it's just that I'd be scared in that situation but look at Quinn being a hero :) )
Bookie128 Bookie128 Jan 05
Damn your doing a good job on keeping me on my toes! Love this!