Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball

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carte_blanche_milady By carte_blanche_milady Updated Sep 09

A hot blooded fighter. A hot-headed female. In the City of Sin.

Las Vegas is infamous for its under-the-table activities, faux perceptions, and the morning after blues. But what happens when a young, ambitious, and very blonde college student catches the eye of the unbeatable underground champion?

How could she react when out of the blue he crashed into her life, broke down her walls, and left her completely breathless? What happens when the passion gets too consuming?

'You will always belong to me.
Love you, baby.'

Wrecking ball.


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We're all here for sh*ts and giggles, so humor me and give it a try!


This story contains reasonable amount of swearing, adult scenes, and some violence. Please proceed with that in mind! xx.

[Wrecking Series I.]

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caylen12 caylen12 Jun 07
All people in Texas do not where cowboy boots. You only catch that if you are in the small country towns never in the big cities
What's up with everyone always wanting to straighten curly hair? My friends always ask me if they can. 😂
People with naturally curly hair should leave them be. It's usually a much better look than strightning their hair.
givenchai givenchai Aug 03
I always straightened my naturally curly hair but after a while I just got over it now I love my long curly hair
yeyuuuuh yeyuuuuh Oct 16
What? Isn't a country club the one with golfing and rich people in it? Lmao
I don't think anyone could fall in love with a dying whale, how could someone look pretty when laughing? 😐😐