Humanity Aside [Levi x Reader] {COMPLETED}

Humanity Aside [Levi x Reader] {COMPLETED}

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}|{This is the Second Book to Titan Queen. If you haven't read that first you will NOT know what this book is about, so go back and read the first one, will ya? Thanks!}|{

(Y/n) is in a deadly situation now. The Survey Corps has captured her and Annie. She is truly powerless. What is she to do? Let herself be tortured and thrown into a pit of despair? Or can she charm the usually stoic captain and find a way to escape?

But what happens then? 

No matter where she runs, the traumas of her past will always be there to haunt her. More and more questions plague the Queen of Titans as her journey continues. 

The most prominent being, 

Is she really human at all?

]|[ Disclaimer: I do NOT own Attack on Titan or any of it's characters or plot. I only own this story's plot and (y/n). ]|[

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Snow-Autumn Snow-Autumn Mar 12
I haven't read this book yet but PLEASE write a sequel or epilogue!!
Is there a sequel to THIS book too? Lol I haven't started reading it and I'm asking for a sequel already XD
ismbirks ismbirks Oct 02, 2016
I can't wait to get into the second book!! This series is amazing and I am so excited!! ❤️❤️
CrispHorrizon CrispHorrizon Dec 13, 2016
I have my tissues,my comfort food, a cushion and a blanket
                              LETS DO THIS
multifandem multifandem Oct 31, 2016
I'm frickin ready for book 2!! hell yeah I'm back with being a frickin savage!!
It looks great, a bit busy but makes up for it with the black and white, (instead of something like rainbow)