Forget Him (Part 2) [JK]

Forget Him (Part 2) [JK]

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×Ana× By SinisterJeon Completed

SoonHee Jeong has just said goodbye to her love, Jungkook.

She's forced to leave him in order for him to follow his dream.

Leaving him with a shattered heart, she forces herself to work to keep her mind busy. She no longer wants to think about Jungkook and wants to move on.

Meet different people, find new experiences...

But in order to move on, she must try to Forget Him.

Forget the memories she shared with him, and try to stay strong through her tough times.

She no longer has anyone by her side (except her mother, but even her own mother has "left" her). 

So here she is, a girl with a broken heart, trying to find her way through her unlit pathway.

How will she fight if  she's shrouded by her own darkness and can't even see to find her way out?

Will Jungkook ever fight his way to stay by SoonHee's side? Will he shine his way through her now darkened atmosphere? Will he light up her path? 

Or will someone else take Jungkooks place?

Will Jungkook be the only person that needs to be forgotten? Who else will SoonHee need to forget?...

... Or is there someone that everyone needs to remember... Forever...

Stay Tuned to Find Out ;)


****Started November 13, 2015****

**** Ended February 23, 2016****

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Jimin-Panda Jimin-Panda Mar 11, 2016
Personally, I would still keep the locket even after I moved on. Maybe hide it in a special secret box, because it's still memories!! 
                              I'm seriously looking forward to more of this story!!!
Gao_Xiong16 Gao_Xiong16 Mar 14, 2016
I swear SoonHee is like another me 😭😭 she has my personality. Although when it comes to guys I like, I am really shy & I twist words around. Ugh SoonHee is my doppelgänger.
ayana_vkook ayana_vkook Jul 22, 2016
Work work work work work work you see me I be work work work work work work
smwriterx smwriterx Feb 27, 2016
aww HER HAIR I would've cried if i had to cut it
                              but omg 19 IS young- possible high school drop out?
gotkp7p gotkp7p Nov 15, 2015
This is truly amazing~
                              Please update soon, take your time tho...its fine. I'm you fan reader always
kookiesbear kookiesbear Nov 14, 2015