Markiplier X Reader : one shots (SMUT ONlY)

Markiplier X Reader : one shots (SMUT ONlY)

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Markimoo_Darkipoo By Markimoo_darkibae Updated Oct 28

These will be one shots of Markiplier and you, the reader. 

Feel free to leave suggestions for story's in the comments or message me. 

These story's will be inspired by you guys. So let me know your kinks and what 'positions' you wanna be put in!

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Keviniplier Keviniplier Sep 04
Why do we get dirty thoughts when Markiplier gets peanutbutter on his face? That's just weird, man...
What happens if Ethan walks in?
                              1) id be naked and covered in peanut butter 
                              2) he'd die because I was covered in peanut butter
                              MY PRECIOUS BLUE BOY!!!
Now I'm wondering whether she's now pregnant or using birth control
btwmark btwmark Oct 11, 2016
Can I change my role to Jack? I'm Irish so it kinda works XD
trashcrow trashcrow Apr 09, 2016
What is my desire?
                              Dammit, I would LOVE a PS4, Fallout 4, Final Fantasy 7 HD Remake, and Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD. If someone gets me that, the pun mother will be convinced to marry you. 
                              [But not before I marry Nick Valentine and Midna]