I am simply one heck of a Magi

I am simply one heck of a Magi

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️♥♣️ alice ♠️♦️ By ChxinedAlice Updated Nov 09

Sindria's Magi is none other than me. Kayleah.
I am just as powerful as Sinbad and Judal.
Not only do I know magic, but I know other methods of fighting too.
I guess it's right to say that I am simply one heck of a Magi.

1st Place in Magi Watty Awards 2017

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Lordderp2 Lordderp2 Jun 21
I'm surprised he did nothing to her chest while she hugged him XD (unless she has none)
Because Ja'far is our Mom. (He's really a girl, he's just transgender)
i like it! but... my opinion (plz don`t get mad) but the lore is that there  are only 4 aladdin was special but how come there are 5 magi`s? i know you want your character to be special but my opinion what about a really strong wizard instead of a magi
Kolazome Kolazome Jan 01
MAMMA JA'FAR AND--AHHHHH A PERVERTTT!!! *baby cries and hides from sin* 😂
More like: Ja'far is the momma, Hinahoho is the weird but funny uncle while Sin is the irresponsible alcoholic of a farther.