The beautiful reject

The beautiful reject

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Lyric is the mute 'omega' of the blood moon pack the 5th strongest pack in the world.  But in reality she shifted when she was 5, 11 years younger than when she was supposed to. Her parents died in a rouge attack and now her pack and brother blame her for their death. Even though her brother, Alex, was there they were protecting her and now even her  own flesh and blood beats her. When she gets rejected by her mate, Colten black, that was her last straw. She packs her bags and leaves. What will happen will she find someone to love her or will it be the rouge life forever. 
____________________________________I have waist length ugly red hair, icy blue eyes, kinda tan skin, I'm mute, and I'm ugly beyond belief at least that's what my pack says. After my parents died the pack put all the blame on me because they were protecting me. They told me to run but I refused. I fought with them and a rouge managed to bite my torso and claw my throat . I now have that big scar on my stomach  covered by millions of other ones.  I also have claw marks on my throat from the rouge. My pack abuses me. Can I still talk? When will I find my mate? What will happen when I find him? Will I survive. Or will I die?
This is me Lyric LoMonaco.

I hope you all enjoy please leave comments and don't judge a book by its cover. Literally


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Author,I would love it ,if you create short paragraphs instead of a really long paragraph it makes it more understandable and it won’t make your story look like it’s going so fast ,like everything is happening so suddenly
this is wrong. You can't just add in "oh yeah i cut" and then not mention it again for the entire book! You are constantly debating and arguing with yourself and then feeling regretful!  God!
totalbooker totalbooker May 31, 2016
I know this may be a terrible thing to say but instead of "blood red and black" maybe you could say shadow blood, you don't have to sorry
ccstenn ccstenn Dec 05, 2016
Oh wait ok now I get it .....she's writing....I know what y'all are thinking....Duh!!...but you can't blame me I read fast
Caroline_Rowland Caroline_Rowland Apr 06, 2016
This picture is so true. I have friends who go through this and people say it's for attention. Then why the bloody hell would they try and hide it. 😒
_shadowbabe_99 _shadowbabe_99 Apr 13, 2016
Um idk I will try to update a contest and whoever wins will play her