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Under The Blue Hood

Under The Blue Hood

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Ari By Evil-Bat-Cat Updated Mar 03, 2016

Instead of Jason Todd being the one to have been killed by the Joker, it was Dick Grayson. Dick is of course resurrected by Ra's Al Ghul, and the effects of the Lazarus Pit permanently does some damage to his sanity. When Dick finally gets a grip on himself and finds a way to return to Gotham, how will he react when it seems as though his loved ones completely replaced him?

This story is lightly based on "Under the Red Hood," but only features a couple of scenes from the movie. Also, this is held in the Young Justice universe.

Dickie ha! I'm choking on my sandwich right now that nick name oh gawd! Most everyone's crying and I'm here just laughing my ass off(And chocking) at this nickname while listening to some nightcore. 😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😊😊😊😊
False hope: a state that robins get in when unbeatable problems arise. Armed with crowbar. A sense of mind that only succeeds in getting them through pain. Not something to get them through it all.
Just a füçkīńg smidge. ( this is my second time reading this and I still love it )
AlyKcat AlyKcat Mar 25
DaddyBats is not feeling Asterus, heavy on the dis heavy on the Dis
Katana or bow staff wait the answers simple bow staff so I can hurt you more then kill you someone please help build a grave
Sam winchester as nightwing Dean Winchester as red hood anybody