Destiel - One Shots

Destiel - One Shots

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KJ ♔ By KJinGrey Updated Apr 04, 2017

The title is self explanatory. Destiel one shots are found in this book. You should read them if you are Destiel trash like me.

/I take requests so please request things

/And also I will do part twos if people ask

For only one vote per part, you can change the life of a girl who has no social life and spends all her free time writing gay stories about fictional characters. Only you have the power to make her day. So please leave a vote or two and she will send you a special blanket to show her thanks. Just kidding, this is a non-profit. Meaning of course she has no money. Make this girl feel happy! 

/Also feel free to comment, I like talking to y'all tbh

/I do not own these characters and I used The Notebook movie poster for the cover

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