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Flaws in Fanfics Percy Jackson Edition

Flaws in Fanfics Percy Jackson Edition

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Jack the sword By the_talking_sword Completed

I will point out the many flaws of Percy Jackson FanFics 
That is all

AstroBookwormSinger AstroBookwormSinger Apr 11, 2016
"Do Demigods Dream Of Magic Oracles?"
                              "Team OS Pays Us A Visit"
                              "I Suck At Memory Games"
                              Just a few titles from my DoL book...
-Roman_Skies- -Roman_Skies- Mar 04, 2016
I'm writing a story that has a combination of the two
                              For example: "a llama eats my pants" (not a real chapter) IX
HoOforever HoOforever Apr 27, 2016
I'm almost stabbed in the back... Again
                              Frank goes batty... Literally
                              You shouldn't have. No, really. You shouldn't.
                              My monkey eats my garden.
whiteisneverwhite whiteisneverwhite Nov 26, 2016
Hera and zeus have a baby .
                              Percy becomes valedictorian
                              Ares turns good
                              Nico gets a girlfriend 
                              Apollo marries reyna
Sylva12 Sylva12 Jun 23, 2016
My chapter titles sometimes suck,  but they are still better than 'Chp 1'
stupidity_over_9000 stupidity_over_9000 Jun 06, 2016
When I switch POVs, I only stop when I've come up w/ a cliffhanger that makes sense with the story THEN I switch POVs. But I always make sure that what I put between the first sentence and the cliffhanger makes sense.