Till Death Do Us Part, Alpha (EDITTING)

Till Death Do Us Part, Alpha (EDITTING)

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Taytay91 By Taytay91 Updated Nov 29, 2015

He was married.

My mate was married to another woman and that woman wasn't me.

After being rejected for the simple fact that my much older mate was already married to a woman that wasn't me, I had no other option but to back down, wave my white flag and retreat.

He had a beautiful son and was already happily married to another beautiful red haired woman with far more curves than I did.

Rejecting me was painful already but to hand me over like a sacrificial item was much more crueler than what I had thought he was capable of.

While he was busy building a perfect life for himself and his wife, I was here burning in the depths of hell as my body was slowly killing me when my mate was with another woman. 

Life continued to spiral out of control.

That was until I met my second chance mate.

I didn't think I would ever have a second chance mate, especially right after I was rejected by my first.

But goods thing must always come to an end.

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*gives him the finger* 
                              Take a picture of this and hang it on your wall so you can forever be reminded that you're hated beyond the fourth wall.
*gives the dick  the award for being the one of the worst mates in werewolf history*
                              Congratulations, sir.
                              I would love it if you shoved it up your a s s, cause that's what I gave it to you for.
Kiran-S Kiran-S Feb 04, 2016
Given to your second chance mate, I can't wait to see the guys reaction when he finds out the girl who was given to him is his mate.
r1nger97 r1nger97 Jan 20
Can I just say that I LOVE how she walked away without making a scene. Normally in other stories the girl makes a scene by yelling. But she behaved like a lady and walked away. I can already tell I will adore this story.
Kiran-S Kiran-S Feb 04, 2016
I feel sorry for her and how can he kiss his wife in front of her also she should have moved instead staying frozen on the spot.