Keep Holding On (Natsu X Reader, Modern)

Keep Holding On (Natsu X Reader, Modern)

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🌙 kel 🌙 By WriterAreum Updated Aug 25, 2017

(Y/n) (L/n) is a normal girl who moves to Magnolia. She meets new friends who help her get through tough times, but when tragedy strikes yet again can (y/n) keep holding on? Or will fate continue to break her?

Sorry, I'm bad at summaries >_<
I'm not a very good writer but I'll try my best for you guys! I will try to update weekly.

*Is under short time construction cause I need to get my shit together*

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MiaDragfilia10 MiaDragfilia10 Dec 25, 2017
That's me, again. XD I CAN'T BRING MYSELF TO MOOOVE. My sister called me once, I say yea okay and then I slowly drift off again, and she repeated the same routine 3 times before I finally got up
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Hmm Gray? Or Juvia? Or Wendy? Or Happy-Sensai? Or Carla-Sensai?
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