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one more. 

one more chance, if he rejects you again. 

come to me then. 

i won't treat you like shit. 

i'll treat you like a delicate flower that only needs attention. 

and i'll kill him if he tries to approach you or even talk to you. 

only for you.

1JikookTrash 1JikookTrash 5 days ago
I'll tell u what u did,u broke whateva was in dat present along with his Mochi ♥ heart
me: *takes out jealous detector* wHOS JEALOUS?!
                              me: *points it at jimin then at tae* *beepbeep*
                              taehyung: *hands in the air*
                              me: oh, vmin ;)
There's two different feelings to the word "mine" used by kim taehyung and jeon jungkook
                              Taehyung is a smooth tsundere 
                              While jungkook is a yandere who fuked up his chance to get in to chim chim's pants
                              Mehehehe it rhymes