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The Labor of Love

The Labor of Love

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Fuzz_Wuzz By Fuzz_Wuzz Updated Jan 29

The demonic triangle Bill Cipher kidnaps Dipper as his puppet but things get complicated and rough once Bill realizes he fell in love him.
(Picture does not belong to me)

I love how it says will do my brother instead of do to my brother... I guess she's right though bill will do her brother
It's so hard for me to read this because I watched the whole A Slap On Titan series today and every time Dipper tells I think of Connie's Spanish rant and it's very distracting
I have been thinking this since the beginning. Dipper is now 18 he went though puberty. And boys puberty involves boners and crap. Bill being inside Dipper's head must mean Bill has seen Dipper masturbate.
blackbirdmagic blackbirdmagic Aug 06, 2016
Me: Yep~
                              Mabel: What you meant?
                              Me: *evil laughing at Mabel* I do know what bill will do to your brother~
                              Mabel: Tell me! Please! 
                              Me: *evil grin crept my mouth* about no? I don't want tell you and dreams is creative, nightmares is your fears and good bye~! *Teleport to mindscape*
Well in his head they're separate so he's still Dipper, everyone else just perceived him as Bipper.
BarbraBitch BarbraBitch Sep 09, 2016
Damn puberty hit bill like a truck... Okay that was a bad joke😅