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❧mercy☙ ~ Frisk x Sans

❧mercy☙ ~ Frisk x Sans

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kat By movedaccouuunntss Updated Jul 13, 2016

One human.
One skeleton.
One flower.
The human won't give it up.
The skeleton wants more.
And the flower..
The flower wants to end it.
Please don't go about hating on people who like the ship or fanfictions about it. It's fine that you have your opinion, just don't hate on people for what they like. ( Not directed to all anti-Frisk X Sans shippers, just the hateful ones. )
Also, read the Author's Note chapter for information about Frisk's age and gender.

igglywigglymew igglywigglymew Apr 15, 2016
I have a fanfic on my account called OMEGATALE. You are such a great writer so could you check it out? Thanks! (PS flipping ship it ok bye)
things6374 things6374 Jan 30, 2016
I feel like I have read something like this before hmmmm THIS IS FROM A COMIC!!! Probably isn't but I swear I've read or seen something like this Daja vo peoples
DoggoGoesBork DoggoGoesBork Oct 08, 2016
Sans is now a pedophile We've ruined everything. (This is why we can't have nice things ) :')
CreeperPlant386 CreeperPlant386 Feb 28, 2016
CrazyCreeperCupcake CrazyCreeperCupcake May 25, 2016
I reread this for like the 28th time and I'm just saying, it never gets old.
Marastia Marastia Feb 24, 2016
The chest pins! It was too cute...I'm allergic to cute! Noooo!