The Shy One (boyxboy)

The Shy One (boyxboy)

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Terry By Lukeforprez Updated 7 days ago

Aubrey Andrews is quiet genius. Having already skipped a grade and being smart enough to skip another, he knows that his people skills aren't exactly the greatest but so what? Colleges don't exactly look into how well you play with others, they pay attention to your scores. 

So that's what he'll focus on. Scores. 

That is, until one day when Luke Matthews, star quarterback, saves him from getting beat up and suddenly can't seem to get enough of the quiet boy. 

With his life turned upside down, will Aubrey learn to open up and accept that not everyone is horrible in the world? Or will he shrink back into his shell of aloneness, the only place he's ever been safe.

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AmaxMusic AmaxMusic Aug 04, 2017
Ahhhh no! ...would it be pushing my shoulders roughly. Is this first person or third? *you wrote internal thoughts earlier...
Caspianv Caspianv Jul 01, 2017
Kids at my school call me emo because every time they try to sing a rock song and they sing the words wrong I correct them by singing the lyrics, naming the song and telling them who sings it.
PeachyAdrian PeachyAdrian Jul 04, 2017
killerslust killerslust Aug 25, 2017
Ummmm emo means emotional for short -3- idk why people think wearing black or having long hair or cutting or shitz like that make u emo that's just how they express themselves duh doesn't mean their emo tho
Caspianv Caspianv Jul 01, 2017
All because your ego doesn't mean you have to cut or have piercings. People at school who call me emo always ask me to show them my wrist because they believe I cut myself. And it's just jacked up.
delayonelife delayonelife Jul 11, 2017
I'm 12 and I'm 5'2 He's an inch taller than me wow that's. . . . . . Just . . . . . .  Sad 😐