The Shy One (boyxboy)

The Shy One (boyxboy)

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Terry By Lukeforprez Updated Jun 04, 2017

Aubrey Andrews is quiet genius. Having already skipped a grade and being smart enough to skip another, he knows that his people skills aren't exactly the greatest but so what? Colleges don't exactly look into how well you play with others, they pay attention to your scores. 

So that's what he'll focus on. Scores. 

That is, until one day when Luke Matthews, star quarterback, saves him from getting beat up and suddenly can't seem to get enough of the quiet boy. 

With his life turned upside down, will Aubrey learn to open up and accept that not everyone is horrible in the world? Or will he shrink back into his shell of aloneness, the only place he's ever been safe.

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-spook -spook Jun 20, 2017
I have a friend like that who won’t shut up and screams when she wants to and it’s annoying
jasirarose jasirarose Jun 08, 2017
Lol since I literally don't talk to people no one cares if I hear what their saying so I always got the dirt on everybody and boy is it interesting
emowoods205 emowoods205 Jun 12, 2017
Naruto is that you loud and full of energy also sweet and kind don't forget tan with blue eyes
RunneRound RunneRound Jun 20, 2017
TBH I'm rereading this and I thought he was going to write fag or something on him because I'm dumb
wizard_heir wizard_heir Sep 16, 2017
I sit in the corner of the room.... And never talk... I'm gonna go now....
Rossomeprussain Rossomeprussain Dec 08, 2017