only fools fall » lucaya

only fools fall » lucaya

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Everybody told her not to fall in love with Lucas.

They said he was bad news.

They said he would break her heart.

They said he would get her into trouble

They said only fools fell for him.

Maya Hart was a fool.

But what they forgot to say, was that Lucas was just a broken boy who needed love.

They forgot to say that Lucas had a crush on Maya since they were little.

They forgot to say that Lucas would never hurt her.

They forgot that love can fix anything. Even Lucas Friar.

No one asked for your opinion Riley so keep your mouth shut thanks love
Hey I like reading, wait I'm with the nerds and the populars so 😂😂😂
I feel like he's gonna break her heart and then regret it... 
                              We'll see!
                              DONT SAY I DIDNT SAY I DIDNT WARN YA
                              Yassssss my queen Slaylor Swift
I read this like how Maya said it in Texas part 2 when she was mimicking Lucas 😂😂😂
Moonbabe18 Moonbabe18 Nov 23
I like being warmed. Especially in the winter. By a fire. Or hot cocoa