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Rainbow Drops (Kuroko no Basket Fanfics)

Rainbow Drops (Kuroko no Basket Fanfics)

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Maplez12 By Maplez12 Updated May 28, 2016

"Perfection is not completion - Shiroma Petit Yuki"

Shiroma Petit Yuki is a half-Japanese, a quarter-British and a quarter-French. Her family name contains the kanji ‎白, meaning the colour white. 

Basketball is something she grew up with. A part of her. Yuki is by no means weak at basketball. She excels at it. Her basketball-style is perfect.

It's her strength and her weakness at the same time.


On the other hand, the Generation of Miracles are about to witness the debut of another Miracle player, who coincidentally made her way to their eras.

As a girl with her age preventing her to enter the same court the other Miracles are in, Yuki challenges them with another method - a manager, affiliated to Seirin High.

With the roads set out in front of her, Yuki's world is about to get broader as she meets different people, who will both influence and be influenced by her strong beliefs.

Will love be the one thing she gains in her journey to create her own play style? Or is it friendship that she seeks? 

Kuroko no Basuke Fanfiction
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I own only the OCs and the story.

Yuri has her flaws and weaknesses *cough cough* plushies *cough cough*
Shyuki-nyan Shyuki-nyan Jan 03
This is my 5th time reading this, I still love it! It's perfect! *cue kira kira sparkle* I love this fanfic!!
Prism_Sky Prism_Sky Jan 25
I think that...
                              white is a color. obviously it is not a shade because what can make white or even be a little bit closer to white? any color mixed with white is a lighter color than the original. so I think...
                              she is going to 'lighten' their lives
What is a Mary Sue? I have heard and seen it (the word) but i don't get it,
ReconCloak ReconCloak Feb 18
White and black are not colors they are the absence of color
(Oh my god, i love this rant , since in a subject of mine, a teacher said we will all be making our own story about romance(?) I WILL MAKE THAT STORY ABOUT THIS RANT AAAHHHH THANK YOU!