drown [joshler] >> j.d t.j

drown [joshler] >> j.d t.j

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as we passed the pool in the center of the motel, i studied how the raindrops made tiny splashes as they hit the turquoise water of the pool. i wondered what that looked like from under the water.

what it would look like if i were actually drowning.

[*WARNING: There will be triggering events and sexual content in this story. However, I will put warnings at the top of those chapters, so you should be okay. But still, read at your own risk.*]

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MCRPancake MCRPancake Oct 29, 2017
hush child! *places finger on tyler's mouth* Embrace the gay, don't hide it!
-maxmayfield -maxmayfield Sep 03, 2017
as long as people don't use "XD" or ":3" around me, im fine.
MCRPancake MCRPancake Oct 29, 2017
i'm trying, i'm trying to sleep but you all have  guns for hands! yeah!
                              *whispers to josh*
                              let's  take this a second at a time
MCRPancake MCRPancake Oct 29, 2017
Everyone commenting where they are is like 'yass america' and i'm just sulking in the british corner drinking my tea and eating my buttered crumpets like a proper gentleman...gentlewoman?