drown [joshler] >> j.d t.j

drown [joshler] >> j.d t.j

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as we passed the pool in the center of the motel, i studied how the raindrops made tiny splashes as they hit the turquoise water of the pool. i wondered what that looked like from under the water.

what it would look like if i were actually drowning.

[*WARNING: There will be triggering events and sexual content in this story. However, I will put warnings at the top of those chapters, so you should be okay. But still, read at your own risk.*]

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Nuuu he just doesn't like it when he thinks..... I think... idfk
I'm trying, I'm trying to sleep but you all have
                              DUNS FOR HANDS
These are so adorable I can completely imagine these being their actual convos if so I would be Josh all the way