Treehouse - Septiplier (BOOK 1)

Treehouse - Septiplier (BOOK 1)

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exho By irondadd Updated Aug 22

Highschool AU

Jack goes to a treehouse after school. What happens when he finds out he's not alone?


..... A R T  I S  N O T  M I N E .....

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popcorn_detective445 popcorn_detective445 Oct 15, 2017
Food is my favorite thing but i dont really have " lunch time" i can eat when ever i want im home school
XxWeird_ass_fandomxX XxWeird_ass_fandomxX Sep 05, 2017
Okay so 1: hey my name is Jordan! !!! Im Jacks friends yes!! And 2: I miss Daniel do much! ! Rip Daniel😭
Bizawagi Bizawagi Dec 21, 2017
Same, my friends are my sibs! If any unsibs try to mess with any of them, my bigwings comes out! 🔥🐲
Plutopixelz Plutopixelz Aug 06, 2017
Literally my class my teacher Mr. Hoops is the basketball and football coach and he is hilarious and he makes everything fun!!!
_Random_Writer_ _Random_Writer_ Sep 02, 2017
For the story yes. But I don't appreciate this abandonment of our poor bob.
VampireHunter999 VampireHunter999 Dec 21, 2017
                              I feel like i made a movie
                              *starts to cry*
                              if i'm a jerk im gunna kill myself here and now