Treehouse - Septiplier (BOOK 1)

Treehouse - Septiplier (BOOK 1)

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call me Echo By echowritings Updated Nov 28, 2015

Highschool AU

Jack goes to a treehouse after school. What happens when he finds out he's not alone?


..... A R T  I S  N O T  M I N E .....

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MyCrankyCrew MyCrankyCrew Jun 04, 2017
Rest In Peace Daniel
                              Also, you also watch VenturianTale!! YAY
introvertnamed2 introvertnamed2 Jul 15, 2017
Bob act like a hardcore manly man, but is lowkey a sweet cinnamon roll
popcorn_detective445 popcorn_detective445 Oct 15, 2017
Food is my favorite thing but i dont really have " lunch time" i can eat when ever i want im home school
XxWeird_ass_fandomxX XxWeird_ass_fandomxX Sep 05, 2017
Okay so 1: hey my name is Jordan! !!! Im Jacks friends yes!! And 2: I miss Daniel do much! ! Rip Daniel😭
faithnhoper faithnhoper Jul 06, 2017
Everyone say hi to YouTube you're on that YouTube video right now check out Kaya Corp Eminem karaoke YouTube and you'll be there
Bizawagi Bizawagi Dec 21, 2017
Same, my friends are my sibs! If any unsibs try to mess with any of them, my bigwings comes out! 🔥🐲