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My Own Neko <Sasuke Love story>

My Own Neko <Sasuke Love story>

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midnightsilver333 By midnightsilver333 Completed

Yuki is a lost Neko found by Sasuke when he came home from a mission from his team. She is from a land where Wolf Nekos rule the countryside. The Lord of the land had killed her mother for not obeying orders. Yuki escaped hoping to find help. Until she fell in love with Sasuke. The boy who helped her. Soon the Lord decides to change her course forever.

Chewzu Chewzu Nov 03, 2016
I think in order for him to see the eyes is like literally moving your hand to they're eyes and like grab there eyelid to see.
                              I've done it before, trust me
SylveonGirl425 SylveonGirl425 Dec 26, 2016
                              I can't, 
                              WOLF CAT?!?!?!
                              nuuuu T~T
                              i'm sorry but i might not be able to read this any further ._.
SylveonGirl425 SylveonGirl425 Dec 26, 2016
not to be a kill joy and all but,
                              Japanese: Neko
                              English: Cat
                              sooo, in the story your saying 
                              "Wolf cat" 
                              i don't make any sense of that,
                              so i decided to tell you just in case
                              and Wolf in Japanese is Ōkami
                              so, thanks for your time!
-KingKei -KingKei Dec 31, 2015
You have to bite a solid object to eat it and his body is rock solid so he can't get eaten unless she bites him
Luna8325 Luna8325 Oct 10, 2015
You mean inu A half human and half dog like a Neko a half human half cat
midnightsilver333 midnightsilver333 Apr 30, 2013
@SneverusSnapers Haha! I'm glad that u liked it. Yes that was Sakura and that was the third Hokage. For some reason I put tree instead of arm?!