Outcast ✧ Phan

Outcast ✧ Phan

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Dan Howell has telekinesis - a power just like out of a comic book. Yet instead of protecting the universe as a brave superhero, he hides. He hides his power and himself, fearing nothing more than getting attached to somebody and dragging them down. Of course, Phil Lester, the new kid in school, just had to come waltzing in, destroying his entire view on nearly everything in the worst (and best) ways possible. Phil's like a drug, and boy, is Dan addicted.

Warning: contains self harm, depression, boyxboy, references towards abuse, and other possible triggers or content you may not be comfortable with. you can message me in private for the specifics if you feel you need it and remember to stay safe.

(Top: #89 in Fanfiction, #1 in Phan!)

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                              I've read the 
                              Cherry fic
                              Forest fic
                              Chair fic
                              Lung fic
                              Skin fic
                              Backpack fic
                              Hat fic
                              Milk fic
                              DIPPER GOES TO TACO BELL FIC
                              All unprepared of what is going to happen.
I honestly like the story just by reading the warning thingy.
devilboxx devilboxx Aug 25
When I read the description there was one thing going through my mind
                              WITH THE TASTE OF YOUR LIPS IM ON A RIDE
thiccdaniel thiccdaniel Aug 21
i can't understand the u.k. school system no matter how many times my british friend explains it, or how ever many times i google it- it's just.. nOpe
thank you
                              i just read the milk fic, hat fic, and cherry fic for the 738292th times and i needed fluff
Zoe131103 Zoe131103 Oct 01
Hey, don't say that stuff about yourself >:(
                              I will fight you stOP