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Project New Girl! [Hikaru x Reader]

Project New Girl! [Hikaru x Reader]

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Natsu Dragneel's Mate By Phantomhive_Butler Updated May 10

You are the new commoner attending Ouran Academy! With your black guitar and black clothes, you seem out of place. Your attitude gets you in trouble, but after the Host Club hear a small performance you do in their music room, Project New Girl is made! Will the host club be able to win you over with their charms? Or is a certain twin going to try and impress you with his unknown musical talent?
Hikaru Hitachiin x Reader

I'm the complete opposite I personally like classical more than pop or rock. Though nobody probably cares
Well, I am a Christian, but I'm not all 'I LOVE GOD!' Most people think I'm atheist when they first meet me
SamsMyBitch SamsMyBitch Apr 08
Thing is, I would be laughing is this wasn't so true for me. I have possible schizophrenia and MPD. So Lucifer is a real person for me
Sebastian where are you hiding? We know your here.... somewhere....
No, I'm just wearing black because then when the purge starts within a couple hours, I won't be killed because I'm not wearing a disgusting  yellow dress like you and your scrawny aśś is in
Unless you're giving me papers to work on, I see no reason to put them down