The Unbreakable Mate (Un-edited)

The Unbreakable Mate (Un-edited)

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"She's the woman of unbreakable ice..."

A teenage girl named Julia was moved in a new pack and a stepfamily after her family's death. Her drunken stepfather abused her almost everyday and she longed for freedom. One day, her stepfather slapped her head so hard that it messed up a part of her brain the ability to speak. She had lost her voice since that day, but able to think right and do things. The number one rule her pack have is once you turn 18, you can either stay or move out.

When she turns to 18, will she move out and finally get freedom? Or will she be stuck with her mate, the man she feared of the most, and will never have her freedom again?

Started: February 15,2016
Finished: June 11, 2016
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@Binyin hey birdy, you should read this. It'll heal your broken heart promise! :)
jademon13 jademon13 Feb 25
Same it was the hottest day in England in summer at like 35+ degrees Celsius and I was wearing my top ,jumper, blazer and coat . Still complaining it was cold btw.
Wow... Thank you. You've healed my broken heart and it's such a relief that her mate isn't her stepfather.
First story I read like this that she actually has a regular room
Bleeding Out, which is also by Imagine Dragons, is my favourite song.
jademon13 jademon13 Feb 25
I love this book . It has captured the real essence of fear and it is hard to stop reading as I go through the chapter