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Shadow Wolf [Vol. I]

Shadow Wolf [Vol. I]

1.1M Reads 70.3K Votes 60 Part Story
C.C. Gillings By CCGillings Completed

Penny was living a normal life before she found out she was a pure heart. Coveted by the vampires and most importantly the Shadow Wolf she finds herself in the center of the survival of a species. Death marks not the end but the beginning of a twist no one saw coming.


Werewolves cannot just be created with a bite neither can they be conceived naturally. To hold the balance between these new invasive species (werewolves and vampires) and humans, nature created a way to control their population. 

To be changed, a human had to be a 'pure heart'. As the population of the werewolves and vampires increased, the existence of this subset of humanity dwindled. Now the discovery of one took decades, both species having special groups with the responsibility to hunt them down. Penny is the first one to be found in more than five decades. Some fear she might be the last. The vampires want her, the werewolves want her and the Shadow Wolf intends to claim her for his own, no matter the cost in blood.

What started off as a dangerous game of 'keep away' is forming into a massive conspiracy involving dark magic and a twist no one saw coming.

Highest Rank Reached: #23 in Werewolf // #2 in Fantasy

~~In editing for possible publication~~

Sinfultemptations Sinfultemptations Dec 29, 2016
That wolf on the cover looks like a beast,  If I ever saw a wolf looking like that I just know my lives is over. It's scary as hellll!!!!!!
AliceHightoppHatter AliceHightoppHatter Dec 25, 2016
When I heard Pure Bloods and Death Mark. I was like "Is this Harry Potter based." Then I saw Wolfbane then I was like *Throws iPad.* SNAPE then I read on shadows and was like *Shatters iPad.* DEMETORS. 
                              Is this Harry Potter based?
ladyjeon ladyjeon Jan 11
A little bit curios about the title of the story. Is he an alpha? Shadow wolf?
Gravity_Falls_Oregon Gravity_Falls_Oregon Dec 21, 2016 you make the epic covers? 
                              Also, have you ever considered publishing this? It looks like it would be incredibly successful, and this is far too good to just be on a site where aspiring writers go. You ARE a writer, now!
I was under the impression we would get on this app and read the full book
ShadowDog67 ShadowDog67 Dec 22, 2016
Wow my reading skills are on point 
                              I thought acknowledgement was  an unknown engagement over 5 times, yep proof that I'm tired and and fighting sleep because I read a scary book and imagined it the whole time ☹️😨😰😱😴😴😴😴😲😧😭