My Hot Husband (BTS Jimin)

My Hot Husband (BTS Jimin)

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Kim Yoona By jikook_af Updated Sep 09, 2016

Park Jimin who was a player but change after meeting Kim Yoora. He don't love her but is that true?

" Get off me Jimin."

" Why?"

" Because I hate you especially the cologne of your girls perfume. It stinks "

" I don't care. You're legally mine so I can do anything I want to do to you." He smirk.

This book contains strong words and little bit of mature's so. Its on your own risk. Thank you..

sugasteeth sugasteeth Apr 18
How can someone be afraid of thunder? Dude thunder doesn't like you either
Where is the switch? 
                              Why did you turn on?
                              How can it turn off?
                              Does it needed electricity?
                              I'm so confuse
OWww! That's what they did?
                              I thought they cook something that ended up in a messy way and they needed to clean it
                              I thought he burnt the kitchen and they needed to wipe and buy another plates, cups, etc.
                              The fvck was i thinking?
husnapark1 husnapark1 Apr 09
Well ya see honey, it's one of those things that simply just have no answer to
Min_Chaerin Min_Chaerin May 30
Who doesn't get turned on 
                              P.s. All of these words came from my auto correct 
Her bedroom knocked? Hahahaha😂😂😂😂😂 peace😂😂😂😂