My Hot Husband (BTS Jimin)

My Hot Husband (BTS Jimin)

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Kim Yoona By jikook_af Updated Sep 09, 2016

Park Jimin who was a player but change after meeting Kim Yoora. He don't love her but is that true?

" Get off me Jimin."

" Why?"

" Because I hate you especially the cologne of your girls perfume. It stinks "

" I don't care. You're legally mine so I can do anything I want to do to you." He smirk.

This book contains strong words and little bit of mature's so. Its on your own risk. Thank you..

IStalkJimin4ALiving IStalkJimin4ALiving Dec 05, 2016
I can just stay home by myself lol Sowwy My Swwetheart😂😍
YoongiIsNotOnFire YoongiIsNotOnFire Dec 12, 2016
That just proved that I'm very dirty minded, and I need Jesus
DxddyJoonie94 DxddyJoonie94 7 days ago
Not wanting to burst your bubble Jungkookie,...... but I think tf not and go sit your a$$ down and play with some legos
What do you expect? I mean, jin is beautiful and so is his sister
This isnt me nor Jimin
                              Jimin would probably hide watching horror