Pathetic Envy x reader.

Pathetic Envy x reader.

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Chishiru By Chishiru Completed

You're just an ordinary human. So why are the Humonculi after you? Simple. You have a power that they want. But, what happens a when you fall in love with one of them? Envy only sees you as a tool or does he? He slowly begins to return your feelings. You start to travel with Envy and the Humonculi, helping with small parts in their quest. While everyone else sees them as monsters, you see them as more human than most humans.                                                                                 .

I'm sorry if Envy goes a little out of character in this story. Here are some things to remember.
(h/c) hair color
(e/c) eye color
(f/c) favorite color
(s/f/c) second favorite color
(h/l) hair length
(h/s) hair style

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Aww. It's ok envy. You'll warm up to me! 😀. * leans in closer with creepy smile and whispers* SENPAI...........
I literally said this to my friend and she thought I was crazy😂
Lifeisforfun_ Lifeisforfun_ 2 days ago
Chinese food and fanta :o
                              WHERE DID HE GET THOSE
                              omg the fourth wall is broken.. EVERYBODY CALM DOWN, THE TITANS AREN'T HERE YET!!
MASHED POTATOES WITH CHERRY COKE *-* envy, you truly are bae
XXAkemiBeauty XXAkemiBeauty Dec 10, 2015
I'm in love with envy too :3
                              There aren't enough stories about him