Pathetic Envy x reader.

Pathetic Envy x reader.

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Chishiru By Chishiru Completed

You're just an ordinary human. So why are the Humonculi after you? Simple. You have a power that they want. But, what happens a when you fall in love with one of them? Envy only sees you as a tool or does he? He slowly begins to return your feelings. You start to travel with Envy and the Humonculi, helping with small parts in their quest. While everyone else sees them as monsters, you see them as more human than most humans.                                                                                 .

I'm sorry if Envy goes a little out of character in this story. Here are some things to remember.
(h/c) hair color
(e/c) eye color
(f/c) favorite color
(s/f/c) second favorite color
(h/l) hair length
(h/s) hair style

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ShadowDragon213 ShadowDragon213 Jun 07, 2017
Let's all speak the language of Envy!!
                              Me: Tch tch tch tch-ch tch tch tch tch tch!
                              Envy: Tch don't do that
rexy0705 rexy0705 Apr 05, 2017
hey levi!
                              levi: what?
                              you have a new 'tch' rival
                              levi: tch
MaskedMayhem101 MaskedMayhem101 Sep 14, 2017
These colours hate eachother on the colour wheel wtf is up with my f a shion
Germanyhetalia1 Germanyhetalia1 Sep 02, 2017
No, we're not annoying. He's just the FMA version of Levi from AOT
ShadowDragon213 ShadowDragon213 Jun 07, 2017
Doors that lock from the outside that aren't closets or dungeons, because that exists
BallisticGirl BallisticGirl Dec 13, 2017
But humans can also chop you into tiny pieces and cook you for dinner so watch your back.