Warriors (OH HOLD)

Warriors (OH HOLD)

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fnuck By frustratedsquash Updated Aug 06, 2017

There tells a legend of two gods. Mianite, the orderly, hardworking god, the "hero, and Dianite, the trouble making god, the "villian. The legend tells of the two gods and their rivalry, despite being siblings. It tells of good triumphing over evil, as every story does. 

But, thousands of years later, a new prophecy emerges, one that tells of five new heroes. These new heroes are the only ones who can stop a terrifying evil from taking over the world, but is it more of a problem that one of them caused this evil? 

While on this quest, loyalties are tested, friendships destroyed, but is it all worth it to save the realm of Mianite?

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STheWeirdDemigod101 STheWeirdDemigod101 Jun 13, 2016
Why have I not found this 
                              So awesome 
                              *McDonalds theme song* 
                              I'm lovin' it!
entropey entropey Jan 06, 2016
I like this! I like the pretty unique idea of them being young, and I think this is gonna be really good. <3