A Thug's Daughter

A Thug's Daughter

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Jayla POV

Wassup I'm Jayla, I'm 16, I'm light skinned, I'm mixed with Puerto Rican from my momma, I stand about 5'1 yea I'm short it doesn't matter cuz I can beat a bitch ass, and I have black hair that stops at my booty.

Anyways I was getting ready for school. I took a shower for about 25 minutes, after I got out I put on some jean booty shorts and a white shirt with a gold heart neckless and my Air Jordan 6 American Galaxy's, and I put my hair in a neat tight bun.

I got in my all white  Lexis 2015. I drove to school which took only 10 minutes. I walked in  I saw the boys giving me lustfu stares.

I saw my bestfriend Johntae but I call him Tae. "Hey Tae!" I yelled hugging him. "Wassup badass." He hugged me back.

We began walking to our first period. I knew it was Ms. Perry. I rolled my eyes cuz I can't  stand that bitch.

"Jayla sit down right here." She pointed to the seat beside her.  "Bitch I sit where want." I snapped.

"Jayla get out my class." She snapped. "Fine." I said s...

MarieBabt MarieBabt Jun 25, 2017
I wish my daddy can give me $10,000 I can't even get $10 without him catching and attitude 😂😑
My daddy be giving me money . my momma be like hell nah 😒
XxQueenLexiixX XxQueenLexiixX May 03, 2016
It's like you know me my name Jayla I'm light skinned, mixed with Puerto Rican, and I'm 5'2
Killa-trymebih Killa-trymebih Jun 03, 2016
I had did that only too see if it was real BC the sub substitute was acting like it was real