radiance | baekhyun

radiance | baekhyun

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he controlled light; manipulated it, made it into whatever his heart desired.

at least, that's what he thought.

[byun baekhyun, au]

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baekyeon309 baekyeon309 Nov 27, 2017
This is so beautifully written and yet it's only the prologue. Love this!
nctdreamenthusiast nctdreamenthusiast Dec 22, 2017
Ok most people are dying now cuz Baekhyun breathes so maybe now if a good time to remind everyone of the dance Baekhyun did in *Artificial Love*
peachyyleah peachyyleah Dec 30, 2017
At the top of this paragraph is my last name...except it has an S at the end😁👌
And then everyone bowed down to the lord, thanking him for creating baek
awyoongi awyoongi 4 days ago
this will be hard
                              I'm not a native English speaker and I study freaking French at school, not English
                              Well, wish me good luck
nctdreamenthusiast nctdreamenthusiast Dec 22, 2017
Can I call u in case I ever have to write an essay cuz I can’t write this well to save my life😂😂