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American Soldier

American Soldier

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Allie May Dawson By Heavenliee Updated Apr 12, 2011

Danni Young is a Major of the United Sates Marine Corps, and is also the first woman to be permitted onto the front lines of duty. Living in afghanistan is the second hardest thing she will ever do. The first? Going back home. Everything she knows is back in Afghanistan, and she never really wanted top get back into the life of a normal american. But when she meets John Blake, Everything changes. why? 

Because she learns what it feels like to fall in love.

melissa19996 melissa19996 Oct 01, 2011
And just to correct something, she's not really the first woman. Haven't u heard of Private Jessica Lynch? Jeez do ur research
melissa19996 melissa19996 Oct 01, 2011
@BigFluff in a way they actuall are soldiers fighting in various wars, just doing more covert and reconissance operations. Seriously, read my story Memories-GK Fanfic. I'll be honest, I think the title really works.
ktibg1 ktibg1 May 03, 2011
I love this so far!!it's really good and I like the title I think it suites it just fine! :)
BattyJoker BattyJoker Feb 26, 2011
I can strongly relate to this story. My parents want me to join the less dangerous branches but I don't see myself anywhere else but as a Marine.
DrunkOkapi DrunkOkapi Dec 17, 2010
If she's a Marine, you should really change the title. Either that or make her Army, but I vote you keep her a Marine. Just change the title.
BigFluff BigFluff Dec 13, 2010
Can't wait to read this. Marines and soldiers aren't the same though.