Breathless •Eremika (Love. Me. Now. Or. Never.)

Breathless •Eremika (Love. Me. Now. Or. Never.)

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Leena Yeager By leenayeager Updated Nov 27, 2016

Eren Yeager knew that he did not have much time remaining on this world anymore. He had fallen sick and the doctors were not optimistic about his condition. Despite his illness, he had vowed to do anything within his physical abilities to add colours to others' lives, even if that meant sacrificing everything he loved.
"The tests, they came out positive," Mikasa whimpered, holding a hand to her abdomen frailly.
A moment of silence suspended between them.
"Wh-who's the father?" Eren sucked in a raspy breath and placed his hands on her shoulders to stable her.
"I don't know, Eren, I don't know."
A heart-wrenchingly poignant twist to the typical Eremika high school fanfiction. 

'Get your Kleenex ready' 

~All characters belong to Hajime Isayama~
~This is completely a work of fiction~

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ahneeda ahneeda Jun 13, 2017
oml😂😂 this is weird because they are family levi is her uncle 😂😂
OneIdiotSandwichs OneIdiotSandwichs Jun 02, 2017
Wait what? How does this work! Eren don't die, I swear to god
user81085030 user81085030 Sep 10, 2017
Damn i only reading this because i want to se eren kiss mekasa!!!!
Fightan13456 Fightan13456 Jun 03, 2017
This is my Mikasa, there are many like her but this one is mine
OneIdiotSandwichs OneIdiotSandwichs Jun 02, 2017
I'm cringing >.< 
                              Why did you make me read that. Why Minna, why, why why! 
                              I need a therapist
Mika-Ackerman Mika-Ackerman Apr 30, 2017
I'm an italian and i love love love this Story you are Relly good writer!(Sorry for my bad english -.-')