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The Chronicle Of Riene: The Unusual

The Chronicle Of Riene: The Unusual

7.6K Reads 97 Votes 28 Part Story
Kelly By Stylishful Completed

Riene has never been normal. In fact she's different. Very different. Sure she goes to school, but other then having supernatural powers she just happens to be the devils daughter. And she hates herself for it. Hates herself so much that she decides to do the one thing she can do, become an angel. Can you spell rebellious? The pretest for becoming an angel is hard, and the actual journey is harder. Does Riene have what it takes? And if she does, can she make it past the spiritual part? Nobody knows. But there is something Riene doesn't know about heaven. Somethings happening up there and the angels are getting ready. When Riene is part of there world, she can never go back. So the big question is - Does she have what it takes?

Stylishful Stylishful Jan 22, 2011
@Munni101 Thanks, I'll make sure to try that! Black wings rock! I want wings... ;)
Munni101 Munni101 Jan 21, 2011
You have grammar and spelling to fix up in this one. I know you don't have spellcheck but maybe hop over to the editor's club and ask for someone to look over your work? It makes it looked more polished. Other than that, the plot seems interesting. Black wings...hmm.. ><  
Stylishful Stylishful Jan 20, 2011
@Munni101 Thanks! I'm really glad you like it. I'll see if I can fix the whole present past thing but other then that thanks :)
Stylishful Stylishful Dec 25, 2010
ok on the right is riene except SHE HAS RED HAIR! sorry, i had to make sure people know that.
chairsniffa chairsniffa Dec 04, 2010
A quick nod from the last fate kate gave me a quick nod.... You used quick nod twice:) buf yes very original this story! Nice work!
Willforcebauer Willforcebauer Dec 03, 2010
i like it lots details rock gets my blood pumping please dont stop writing.