Our Future (Tabloids Lie-2)

Our Future (Tabloids Lie-2)

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Honey, I’m home!!!! By AdriannaAde Updated Jun 15, 2016

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Cover by @Hayleyautumns


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  In the middle of the night, I got up and went to the bathroom, twice, and then I wandered into the blue nursery again, sat on the rocking-couch. I smiled when I felt the baby kicking, and gently rubbed a hand over my stomach. I pictured a little girl sitting with me in the garden, wearing huge matching pink summer hats, and her sitting on my lap unintentionally showing off the dimples she got from her father...
  I heard a noise so I left the room, and picking up a baseball bat on my way out. I slowly turned to my right, expecting a thief, but to my surprise, I saw a little girl. She had blue eyes, just like Ian's and what looked like black hair, and a sweet little face. "Who-who are you?" I asked her, dropping the bat.
  "Mommy?" the sweet little creature asked, looking at me. I examined her face, and she slowly started to cry.

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Kat652002 Kat652002 Jan 21, 2016
Ah man, this is adorable. Cuddling, cooing, crazy love talking, weird grown up joking bout Smolderholder, and falling asleep when the make up artists are just pampering them. I found that last one awesome. ;p
Delena-andmanymorex Delena-andmanymorex Jan 21, 2016
You are the one and only :) beautiful one :) I feel like it could happen and its so damn sweet ❤❤
Delena-andmanymorex Delena-andmanymorex Jan 20, 2016
Omggg*~* its so fricking beautiful ❤❤❤ cant wait for the rest :))